Happy News

We are elated to have a new baby join our little family. My due date is August 20th, 2015. Late summer baby! So far I haven’t been very sick, aside from the flu hitting our whole family over the holidays. I would compare my morning sickness to what I had with Goober. Maybe that means it’s another boy! Goober keeps pointing at my “not so pregnant looking” belly and saying  “Baby?” Like the baby is coming soon. It’s so cute. I’ll be posting some belly pictures soon. I know I’m not good enough to keep up with it every week so it might be every 2-4 weeks that we get new pictures. I’ll keep you updated on how the pregnancy is going, and for sure do another announcement when we find out the gender. I hope you all have a happy day! 😀



Drum Roll Please………..
As you can see in the picture, the dues date is May 4th, 2013. We are so excited!!! We went to the doctor today and they did the ultrasound. I was so nervous because I have had three dreams about having twins (a boy and a girl.) When we looked at the monitor we saw only one so I was relieved. Andy looked the same. It was so great to have him there with me! We saw the little heart beating so incredibly fast. It was breathtaking. I couldn’t really believe this little person was inside of me. (Aside from the occasional morning sickness and exhaustion that is.) Andy and I are so grateful for this chance to be parents! It’s going to be a wonderful experience and I look forward to updating you on how the pregnancy and family is growing.