Nugget: Four Months

Nugget 4 Months

This little Nugget is seriously the cutest thing ever!!! I’m so happy to be his mama. I can’t wait to share about him each month so let’s get to it! Continue reading


Nugget: Three Months

Nugget 3 Months (1 of 7)

Lincoln is now three months old. He is getting so big! We just love having him in our little family. Goober is starting to play with him and think he is kinda okay to have around. It is great to watch these two interact with each other. Nugget finally fits into his matching jammies. Head over to my Instagram to check out the adorable picture of them in their penguin jammies. Continue reading

Nugget: Two Months

Nugget 2 Months (5 of 7)

I can’t believe it’s been two months! This little dude feels like he’s been a part of our family for much longer than that. I’m still so in awe at how much joy and love he brings to our family. We gave him a baby blessing Sunday at church. To learn more about my beliefs click here. His father gave him the blessing and it was so wonderful. All of Andy’s brothers were there and my brothers-in law as well as both of our fathers and one of my uncles. Watching all of those men walk up to the front of the chapel to hold our precious son was overwhelming. It’s very comforting to know these men have the power of God to bless our lives. I’m extremely grateful for it in my life and know the power is real. Click through to see a few pictures from the blessing and more of him too. Continue reading

Lincoln Hugh Mecham: A Birth Story

Lincoln Birth Story (12 of 8)

Yesterday marks one month since my little Nugget was born. Since newborns basically eat and sleep all day, I decided to share his birth story instead of talk about all his milestones. But, I will share that we have been successfully nursing. I am extremely happy about it! With his big brother it didn’t work out (he never figured out how to latch or even try to latch, very discouraging) so I was an exclusive pumper with him. I made it six months before my supply decreased greatly. To read why I think that happened click here. Okay, now on to the actual birth story. Continue reading