$5.00 Workout Shirt (Tutorial)


I was in dire need of some new workout shirts. I have a bunch but… unfortunately they are too small. So I found a great deal on fabric at Joann’s this weekend and got to work. The fabric started at $5.99 and at 50% off It was $3.59 and I scored some matching thread for $1.31 (using my 40% off coupon) so all totaled up my shirt cost me $4.90!!!!!!!!! Seriously!! I couldn’t buy this shirt for less than $10 if it was name brand and at an outlet store on a major holiday. I am so excited about it I already made 2 shirts with 3 more in the near future. Hee hee! Alright enough of me chatting… On to the tutorial.

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Feeling Tribal

I have had this fabric for about year now and could never decide what to make with it. Well my inspiration came when Andy got me a SERGER for my birthday!!! I am in heaven! I was trying to decide if I needed one or not for a long time. I read a lot of blogs that said “if you sew with knits get a serger.” Basically all I ever do is sew with knits. On occasion I will venture into the world of more slippery fabrics but the majority is knit. I just love my serger to death. I busted out two skirts last night with it. I will write a tutorial on how to make this skirt very soon. In the meantime just enjoy the fall colors and the sweater on my legs. 🙂

Top: D.I., Skirt: Me (tutorial coming soon), Tights: Target, Boots: Forever Young Shoes

Casual Saturday

Top: Target, Skirt: me (tutorial here)

Today is just one of those days where you want to lounge around the house. This outfit is perfect for that. You could also run errands or go for a walk. This maxi skirt is one of my favorites pieces in my wardrobe. I seriously wear it at least once a week and sometimes more! Pair it with everyone’s favorite tee from Target and you have the perfect Casual Saturday outfit.

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