Bright Addition


I am into this light and airy decorating mood. When someone mentioned it was just a “summer thing” I had to remind myself that I truly love the color white. I love the way it brightens up a room or helps lighten the mood in a space. This table was a gift from Andy’s parents for our wedding. It was his family’s while he was growing up. He has 3 brothers… So needless to say it had some wear and tear. Literally. I have been so grateful for a free table and have loved having it in our home. However, I’m starting to realize how “poor college student-y” our home feels. So I decided I could totally DIY this thing and reclaim a little peace of mind about our furniture. Continue reading


DIY Painted Chairs

Painted Chairs Before:After

My post with the perfect chairs is finally happening. My hubby told me the other day that he thought it was funny that I was so excited about getting those chairs and I haven’t done anything with them. Well… To show him, I got all the paint and tools and things I needed to start my project a few days later. I followed the post from Kristy Swain at Hyphen Interiors. I would explain it to you but she does it really well. Continue reading

DIY Tufted Headboard Tutorial

Tufted Headboard Tutorial Pinterest
For our wedding present my brother-in-law said he’d make us a bed. (Even though it’s a year later. Haha Chris I just had to say it. 🙂 We are very grateful and love it!!!) We now have a bed! I’m so excited for this post because I absolutely L.O.V.E. the headboard. It was inspired by Don and Betty Draper (Mad Men) and this post by Jenny Komenda at The Little Green Notebook.  I decided we could make one too! Continue reading

OMGoodness! I finally found the perfect chairs!

I’ve been wanting to re-paint some wingback chairs for a long time. I found a great tutorial here. I looked and looked and watched ksl and craigslist for like 3 months and never found any at a price I could afford. Then today I spotted them. I took a trip to the Provo DI to see if I could find a really cute handbag… But, there they were. Just sitting there together looking up at me and saying “Tayci! We want you to fix us and love us!”

So naturally, when furniture speaks to me I can’t just ignore it! (Who would do such a thing?) And I bought them. It was a trip to get them home but they made it. 🙂 I am in love and I can’t wait to get started!!! Now the only problem is deciding what color to paint them. I don’t want to pick a color that I’ll get sick of and want to change soon. But I also don’t want something that’s boring. if any of you have suggestions I would love them! (I want to put one in my office and one in the craft room/future nursery. I really like the idea of white but I’m not sure if the blue would show through.)

If you have any ides at all!! Let me know. 🙂