Twelve Months

Bug 1st Birthday Party-14

Parker turned 1 on April 4th. Seriously? I cannot believe Bug is that old. I remember his birth like it was yesterday. His birthday was on a Friday so it was easier for my parents to travel the distance to come celebrate with us. We just did a little BBQ and cake & ice cream with Bug’s extended family. He loved the attention and was so happy to see all the loving faces around to celebrate with him. Continue reading


Ten & Eleven Months

Parker 10-11 Months-4

To begin with I apologize for missing last month and half of this one too. If you read my last post, I have been very busy with finishing up my last semester of college! YAY! I m currently student teaching and that is crazy intense but very good. I am glad I am finishing school, earning a degree, and doing it in something I absolutely love. Teaching has it’s ups and downs. The biggest con is that I don’t get to spend my days with my little Bug anymore. It is sometimes the hardest thing I have ever done. I miss him so much every day. This last 2 months month has been such a big one for this little guy. So, with no further ado, let’s get to it. Continue reading

Nine Months

Bug 9 Months-1

Bug 9 Months-4

WOW! I cannot believe that my little Bug is nine months old. It is wonderful! He really brings so much joy to our family and we couldn’t be happier to call him ours. This was his first Christmas. So magical. He loved opening presents and playing with the boxes everything came in. On the downside, he had his very first ear infection, along with cutting 2 top teeth, and the cocktail of colds I mentioned here, that he got mostly from this little guy. 🙂 He’s so cute I can’t really blame him.

Christmas Festivities-2Christmas Festivities-4

Continue reading

Eight Months

This week Bug turns 8 months old. The super crazy thing about this is that he is now as old on the outside as he was on the inside. 16 months ago i found out I was going to be a mother. So far the last 8 months have been worth the uncomfortable times during the first 8 months. He is such an amazing little baby and brings so much joy to our family. Continue reading

Halloween & Bug Seven Months Old

For Parker’s first Halloween I decided to go very simple. He was a Minion. 🙂 I knew he would hate a hat and we already had the sunglasses and overalls. I used a plain white Gerber Onesie and dyed it yellow with Rit Dye. We only went down to Andy’s parent’s house because who wants to give candy to a seven month old’s parents on Halloween? Not me. While we were there we spent the evening with the grandparents and Andy’s brother Casey, his wife Kim, and their 13 month old Mason. Mason was dressed as Mickey Mouse. I made him some yellow TOMS (not seen in the pictures) using this pattern and tutorial from Homemade Toast.
I loved them holding hands! It was super cute. Yes I know I’m a sappy mom. 🙂 Continue reading

Weekend of 1st’s

This past weekend was the American Fork Steel Days celebrations. Ever since I can remember (and even when I can’t) the grandkids in my family would take their very first merry-go-round ride with grandma or grandpa. We would go to the parade that morning then head over to the carnival for some fun. This year I got to take Parker for his turn on the plastic horses at the carnival. My sister who had her baby just a few weeks before Parker was born brought her son too. There were no tears so I’m calling this outing a success.

Parker Andrew Mecham: A Birth Story

It began Monday, April 1st. I started having mild contractions and I thought they were just Braxton Hick’s. Then Tuesday came around and they were getting worse but not closer together. We went to labor and delivery that night around 10 pm. They watched me for an hour, since I was only at 35 weeks pregnant they stopped the contractions and sent me home. The contractions came back about an hour after we left. BUMMER! Wednesday wasn’t horrible but I was still having contractions. They were getting worse but still not close enough to really worry about. We went back to labor and delivery around 6 pm that night. Again they watched me for an hour and sent me home. Still the contractions came back about and hour after we got home. Then thursday morning rolled around. Continue reading

Announcement Number 2!!

So I went to the doctor’s office this week. And… we got to see the sex of our baby. 
I am so excited! I always wanted a boy first because I never had an older brother. 🙂 I’m very nervous because I know next to nothing about boys (I have 3 sisters.) But I am very excited for the new life we will be bringing into our family. Such a wonderful blessing to be able to have one of God’s precious children come into our lives. I know there will be a lot of struggles and many sleepless nights that follow but with the help of our Lord and Savior, family and friends, and many prayers we will make it. 
Love to you all!