Lincoln Hugh Mecham: A Birth Story

Lincoln Birth Story (12 of 8)

Yesterday marks one month since my little Nugget was born. Since newborns basically eat and sleep all day, I decided to share his birth story instead of talk about all his milestones. But, I will share that we have been successfully nursing. I am extremely happy about it! With his big brother it didn’t work out (he never figured out how to latch or even try to latch, very discouraging) so I was an exclusive pumper with him. I made it six months before my supply decreased greatly. To read why I think that happened click here. Okay, now on to the actual birth story. Continue reading


Parker Andrew Mecham: A Birth Story

It began Monday, April 1st. I started having mild contractions and I thought they were just Braxton Hick’s. Then Tuesday came around and they were getting worse but not closer together. We went to labor and delivery that night around 10 pm. They watched me for an hour, since I was only at 35 weeks pregnant they stopped the contractions and sent me home. The contractions came back about an hour after we left. BUMMER! Wednesday wasn’t horrible but I was still having contractions. They were getting worse but still not close enough to really worry about. We went back to labor and delivery around 6 pm that night. Again they watched me for an hour and sent me home. Still the contractions came back about and hour after we got home. Then thursday morning rolled around. Continue reading