Bright Addition


I am into this light and airy decorating mood. When someone mentioned it was just a “summer thing” I had to remind myself that I truly love the color white. I love the way it brightens up a room or helps lighten the mood in a space. This table was a gift from Andy’s parents for our wedding. It was his family’s while he was growing up. He has 3 brothers… So needless to say it had some wear and tear. Literally. I have been so grateful for a free table and have loved having it in our home. However, I’m starting to realize how “poor college student-y” our home feels. So I decided I could totally DIY this thing and reclaim a little peace of mind about our furniture.

I used this tutorial from Kate at Centsational Girl to guide me. I couldn’t buy super expensive paint because (like I mentioned before) I’m a poor college student. 🙂 So I modified the list a little bit.

SUPPLIES: One gallon of paint and primer in one, one quart Zinsser Cover Stain oil-based primer, I didn’t get spray primer, I did buy some good brushes and a few rollers (so Andy could help too. Hee hee!) I already had sandpaper, a drop cloth, and a mask to wear.

We did this at the in-law’s house because they have an orbital sander and a nice little shed to store it in. I applied 2 coats of the Zinsser primer to just the tops of the table and benches. I then used the primer/paint and did 2 coats of that on everything.

Painted DIning Table-1Painted DIning Table-2

I lightly sanded between each coat. At the end I applied 1 coat of the polyurethane (read on to see my thoughts on polyurethane) to everything and 2 coats of it to the table top only. I wanted to be sure I covered it all really well since I have a little boy and I can see lots of crayons and markers being used on this in the future.

I bought my supplies at Lowe’s and a local store. I bought the polyurethane and realized I should have purchased polycrylic instead. So I went to Lowe’s, returned it, and went back to the aisle to find the other stuff. Lowe’s didn’t have the polycrylic so I spoke with other people in the same aisle (because I have never ever done anything like this and needed some advice. Plus, Bug was being super “toddler-ish” and I needed to hurry and make up my mind) and they said polyurethane should be perfect. I figured they knew their stuff, so I grabbed another can and walked back to the front to purchase the same product I just returned. Looking back now and re-reading some other tutorials I pinned I have discovered that the polyurethane will yellow over time and I wish I would have gone with my gut and spent the extra time at another store to find polycrlylic instead. I’m a little bummed that I might have to do more work with the table in the future, but right now, boy she looks good!

Painted DIning Table-4

I love how the white is the first thing your eye is drawn to when you walk inside our little apartment. I didn’t realize it when painting but the rug from IKEA (similar) is a perfect compliment to the table. The grays and whites go so well together. And who doesn’t swoon over that color combo anyway? Also, check out another room with white and gray here.

Painted DIning Table-6 Painted DIning Table-7 Painted DIning Table-8

If you’ve done a furniture makeover I’d love to add it to a list at the end of this post. Send an email to with READER SUBMISSION in the subject line and I”ll get you on the list. Thanks so much for reading!


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