Twelve Months

Bug 1st Birthday Party-14

Parker turned 1 on April 4th. Seriously? I cannot believe Bug is that old. I remember his birth like it was yesterday. His birthday was on a Friday so it was easier for my parents to travel the distance to come celebrate with us. We just did a little BBQ and cake & ice cream with Bug’s extended family. He loved the attention and was so happy to see all the loving faces around to celebrate with him.

Bug 1st Birthday Party-1Bug 1st Birthday Party-2Bug 1st Birthday Party-3Bug 1st Birthday Party-4Bug 1st Birthday Party-5Bug opening his presents and family in attendance

Here are twelve things about Bug at twelve months.

1. Bug stands up with the furniture really well. He pulls himself up to the couches, tables, chairs, our TV stand, his bed, our bed, the fireplace hearth… You name it! He has always love standing but now that he can do it on his own he loves it even more.

2. He couch cruises all the time. He enjoys the freedom to move around our living room and get to new places so easily.

3. He is trying so hard to stand on his own but isn’t quite ready. He will stand up next to furniture, or you and let go for about two seconds. Then he plops back onto his bum.

4. He walks with his little toy walkers his grandparents and aunt have given him. Once he figures out how to get behind and push he is gone. I am a little anxious as well as excited for when he learns how to walk by himself.

5. He has started to have the separation anxiety. He cries when you leave the room. It was really bad one Saturday morning (who else just sang the song from the TV show right there?) when Andy was leaving to go golfing. He crawled over to the door and stood up wailing and hacking the door for his daddy to come back. It was so heartbreaking.

6. Bug has a huge personality. He performs for people (mostly my little sister.) They love it just as much has he does.

7. He babbles like crazy. His favorite thing to do is put the back of his wrist to his mouth and make “Indian” noises. I try really hard to get him to use the front of his hand but he just likes to do it his way.

8. He copies basically everything you say. At least in the tone of voice you use. I will say “I love you” and he will say “uh oo” with a big smile. Also I say “ah oh” and he says “ah oo.” Bug does it a lot when he is concentrating on something else. I will just say “ah oh” and he will do it back for a long time.

9. He is getting sick of baby food. I wouldn’t blame him. (Except the pears and blueberries combo. That taxes like a smoothie.) I am trying to find new textures and flavors to feed him all the time.

10. He had his first hot dog on his birthday too. Absolutely loved it! Bug is a huge fan of eating everything he can pick up so little hot dog pieces have been perfect.

11. He is down to one bottle a day. He drinks it in the morning when he wakes up. I keep thinking it should have been harder to get him off his last bottle before bed but he is totally fine just going to bed without it. I would get rid of the morning bottle too but he isn’t a fan of just whole milk yet so I am mixing it with the formula we have left.

12. Bug absolutely devours yogurt! Every flavor I have tried he gobble right up. Just the other day he had finished a peach yogurt and just lost it when I went to put the spoon in the sink. I tried giving him some Kix but he refused to eat them. I had to get out another one to stop him from crying so hard. That boy loves yogurt.

This is the fun part. He loved his cupcake!!!! Like he was in the zone eating it and no one around mattered. It was awesome!

Bug 1st Birthday Party-7Bug 1st Birthday Party-9Bug 1st Birthday Party-11Bug 1st Birthday Party-12

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet little boy! I love you!



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