Ten & Eleven Months

Parker 10-11 Months-4

To begin with I apologize for missing last month and half of this one too. If you read my last post, I have been very busy with finishing up my last semester of college! YAY! I m currently student teaching and that is crazy intense but very good. I am glad I am finishing school, earning a degree, and doing it in something I absolutely love. Teaching has it’s ups and downs. The biggest con is that I don’t get to spend my days with my little Bug anymore. It is sometimes the hardest thing I have ever done. I miss him so much every day. This last 2 months month has been such a big one for this little guy. So, with no further ado, let’s get to it.

Eleven Thing about Bug at Eleven Months

1. He learned to crawl!!! That was actually 2 months to the day ago but he’s perfected it now. 🙂

2. With the crawling, he has learned how to get into EVERYTHING! He pulls his diapers out of the box we have on the mantle, he sticks too many things in his mouth, and he empties our kitchen drawers. It’s crazy how “unsafe” I feel our house has gotten in the last few weeks.

3. Bug pulls himself up onto everything. We find him standing and staring at the TV, standing up in his crib crying, and just recently he has started couch cruising.

4. He wears 18 AND 24 month clothes depending on the brand. He’s such a big boy! He had an ear infection a few weeks ago and he weighed 23 lbs when they weighed him. Holy moly! You would not be able to tell that he was born a month early by the way he looks and acts now. Read about his birth here.

5. He definitely says mom and dad now. And he knows who is who. It stills sounds like “mom, mom, mom, mom” and “dad, dad, dad, dad” but he says it. 🙂

6. He laughs like a kid. I got him going the other day and I swear he was about to die from the lack of oxygen. It was adorable!!

7. He jabbers to people on the phone. He knows when a phone rings, crawls over, and listens, smiles, and tells whomever it is about his day.

8. Bug eats basically everything. Except mashed potatoes. REALLY? What kid doesn’t like those? The funniest thing is for him to try a bite then he makes the funniest face and spits it back out.

9. He self feeds really well. He also regulates his “mouthfuls” well for a baby. I haven’t had to stick my fingers in there and pull stuff out yet so I’m very happy about sticking Cheerios, puffs, or crunchies on his high chair and letting him go at it.

10. He finally drank from a sippy cup. (Insert picture of success kid here) It took us a while to get him to even put one in his mouth. I finally had to fill it with straight apple juice to get him to try it. Now he is sipping like a champ. It’s a soft spout one so if any of you have suggestions on how to get him from that to a harder spout please let me know!

11. Bug’s new, well not really new just re-introduced, favorite food is bananas and avocados. He will eat a whole banana and avocado in one sitting. It smells delightful, looks disgusting, and he loves it.

To all of you reading this, thank you so much for supporting me in this blog. I love writing (even though I’ve been slacking) and I am so excited to at least be touching your lives with mine. 🙂 Have a marvelous day!

Parker 10-11 Months-2

Funny thing… When he crawls on hard floors he slides with his right leg and steps with his left. Just like this. It is hilarious!

Parker 10-11 Months-3

Parker 10-11 Months-5

Parker 10-11 Months-1

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