$5.00 Workout Shirt (Tutorial)


I was in dire need of some new workout shirts. I have a bunch but… unfortunately they are too small. So I found a great deal on fabric at Joann’s this weekend and got to work. The fabric started at $5.99 and at 50% off It was $3.59 and I scored some matching thread for $1.31 (using my 40% off coupon) so all totaled up my shirt cost me $4.90!!!!!!!!! Seriously!! I couldn’t buy this shirt for less than $10 if it was name brand and at an outlet store on a major holiday. I am so excited about it I already made 2 shirts with 3 more in the near future. Hee hee! Alright enough of me chatting… On to the tutorial.

Step 1: (Not pictured) Trace a shirt that fits pretty well. To get the flowy, relaxed feel, I added at least 3.5 inches at the bottom and 2 all the way around the sides.

Step 2: Cut the arm off the pattern and give it some curve. This way it lays flat on your chest and backs once it’s sewn.

Step 3: Cut another curve into the body of the pattern. They need to be opposites.


Step 4: Cut out the fabric. The stretch needs to be going sideways. (Once I sewed it up I realized it’s loose enough that it doesn’t really matter But I like knowing it is stretchy.)

Step 5: Cut out a piece for the neck binding that is about 23/24 in x 2 in. I made sure the stretch goes lengthwise. This way when I sew it to the neck it will be easy to stretch.


Step 6: (Not pictured) Cut 2 pieces for the hip hem that are both an in shorter than the bottom edge width of your shirt. This way there is a slight bubble. (If you don’t like this look, you can just hem it an inch at the end. It is long enough that an inch will be fine.) My pieces measured 4×10. I also had the stretch go lengthwise on these.

Step 7: Sew the front arm pieces to the front body piece. And back arm pieces to the back body piece.


Step 8: Sew the shoulders and sides together.

Step 9: Sew on the bubble hip hem. To do this, sew both short sides together, fold in half lengthwise, and put right sides together at the bottom of your shirt.


Step 10: Sew on the neck line. Do the same thing in step 9 for this. Once that is done, fold it back over and inside the shirt. Sew with double needle or zip-zag stitch for a little stretch over your noggin.


Step 11: Hem the sleeves. I used a double needle here too but you can use a zig-zag stitch too.


Step 12: Put that baby on and exercise to your hearts content!!


If you make one I’d love to see it. Shoot me an email with the picture and your blog link and I’ll add it to the post!

One thought on “$5.00 Workout Shirt (Tutorial)

  1. The colors you picked out are super cute, it looks like such a comfy shirt. Is it easy to make even if you don’t really know a lot about sewing?

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