Nine Months

Bug 9 Months-1

Bug 9 Months-4

WOW! I cannot believe that my little Bug is nine months old. It is wonderful! He really brings so much joy to our family and we couldn’t be happier to call him ours. This was his first Christmas. So magical. He loved opening presents and playing with the boxes everything came in. On the downside, he had his very first ear infection, along with cutting 2 top teeth, and the cocktail of colds I mentioned here, that he got mostly from this little guy. 🙂 He’s so cute I can’t really blame him.

Christmas Festivities-2Christmas Festivities-4

The weekend before Christmas we went to my parent’s house and had our Christmas dinner, bowling, present opening, and the women in the family sang “O Holy Night” in sacrament meeting. That song is very dear to me. My grandmother used to sing it for a Christmas pageant and every year after she passed away we would listen to a tape recording of it. Yes I said tape recording. 🙂 Good ol’ technology.

On Christmas Eve we have a party where Santa comes and all the unmarrieds in the family get to sit on his lap. Parker did surprisingly well. I don’t remember him actually looking at Santa so that could be why. Overall it was a great first Christmas with a little Mecham. We loved it and I am looking forward to many more.

Christmas Festivities-5

Now on to the ever growing list.

Nine Things About Bug at Nine Months:

1. He has 4 teeth now. Yay! It seemed like the top 2 have taken forever to cut through. He is a much happier boy now that they are finally here.

2. He is 21.5 pounds and 29.5 inches long! That is basically the same size as his cousin who is 6.5 months older than him. Parker is a big baby! It is so surprising how much he’s grown from where he started.

3. Bug eats everything I give him. At his 9 months appointment the doctor said I could really give him anything I want (except honey, peanut butter, and cow’s milk) so I just feed him little boys of whatever I’m eating at the time and he will gobble it right up.

4. He will now give you big kisses! It is really cute and very slobbery. When we get him up from his naps he will smile really big, lean in, open his mouth, and give you a big ol’ wet one. Melts my heart every time.

5. When he is done with a toy he just throws it aside. I always imagine him thinking “Not this one again mom. I play with that every day! I’ll show her.” It’s really entertaining.

6. He plays with his cousins much better. They will look at each other and smile, grab toys, and sometimes have little conversations. It’s adorable!

7. He babbles a lot! He will say “dadadada,” “yayayaya,” and “babababa.” No “mamamama” yet. Someday. 🙂

8. Bug laughs at pretty much everything I do. If you need proof check out this video on Insta I posted last week. Yes, I know I sound like an idiot but that’s what mom’s do. 🙂 As long as my noises catch him off guard he absolute loves it.

9. He is trying so hard to crawl. He will get up on his knees and rock back and forth and sit there staring at us to tell him what to do next. It’s so funny. Parker then gives up and just face plants it into the floor. By that time he is ready to lay on his back again. Haha.

Bug 9 Months-3 Bug 9 Months-7

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