New Year, New Pillows!

Pillow Cover From Pillow Case Pinterest

This tutorial is so simple! I already had the pillow case and pillow. 🙂 This pillow case is from Target. I bought it on accident (I forgot to read that pillow cases were included) when I bought our bed sheets a year ago. I really love the colors in it and the pattern is small so it doesn’t overwhelm you with flowers! Yay for being girly yet not GIRLY!


Pillow/Pillow Form

Pillow Case

Scissors/Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat

Sewing Machine/Serger

Safety Pins


Matching Thread

Pillow Cover From Pillow Case-1

Step 1: (Not pictured) Iron that pillow case! I just opened mine because I was going to take them back but never did. When I finally got sick of the colors on the original pillows, and knowing I need something to match the lovely green in our couches, I knew exactly what to do. Once that/those babies are flat measure your pillow.

Pillow Cover From Pillow Case-2

Step 2: Measure 2 inches more than your pillow on 2 sides of the pillow case. (I wanted these pillows to look like this was the original fabric. If you like more room for the pillows to move I would measure and cut at 2.5 inches instead.) Cut with scissors or rotary cutter. Keep the end seem and the side seem intact.  Why cut and sew more than we have to right?

Pillow Cover From Pillow Case Collage-3Pillow Cover From Pillow Case-4

Step 3: Sew up 1 side and 1/4 of the way down each corner on the end. Leave a bigger whole than you think you need to. I used my serger. Where the whole is I left it the length I cut it previously.

Pillow Cover From Pillow Case Collage-5 Pillow Cover From Pillow Case Collage-6


Pillow Cover From Pillow Case-7

Step 5: I use safety pins so I don’t prick my fingers while hand sewing. So pin up the end. Fold the longer edges in and pin it up flat.

Pillow Cover From Pillow Case-8

Step 6: I used this video tutorial to learn how to hand sew a ladder stitch. I know I know I should know how to do this by now, but I learned in a jiff!

Step 7: Style and admire. I am smitten with the way these pillows look in the living room. They pull in feminine flowers with the big forrest green couches which will someday be replaced.

Pillow Cover From Pillow Case-11 Pillow Cover From Pillow Case-10

To see more home decor tutorials on Tayci Made It please vote for them in this poll that ends on January 9th.

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