Refashion Men’s Sweater (Tutorial)

Refashion Men's Sweater Pinterest

I really love the look of sweaters. They are perfect for fall/winter because you can layer them, wear them casually, or dress them up so easily. I unfortunately live on a very tight budget (who doesn’t these days?) and I couldn’t afford a brand spankin’ new one. So, I decided to refashion a men’s sweater to fit me perfectly instead. My sister and I went to the DI (Deseret Industries) in American Fork to find the perfect sweaters to fix up. I found this Old Navy XL sweater in the men’s section. I absolutely fell in love. Of course it was with what I knew it would look like because as you can see, this thing is HUGE! When we got home I immediately started in on this baby. Here is what I did.



Measuring tape


Highlighter (I use one because it washes off and is easily seen, you can use a marking pencil or chalk or something like that too)

Sewing machine/serger

Steps: I will use my measurements but remember to use your own


  • Bust. The fullest part of your bust. You can just go halfway around so no need to have weird arms trying to get the correct measurement. 22″
  • Bicep. This is so you know how much to take off the sleeves. 13″
  • Wrist. So you don’t make itty bitty/floppy cuffs. 7″
  • Waist. Right at your belly button from one side to the other. Same with the bust, halfway is fine. 20″
  • Hips. If your sweater is really long like mine was to start with measure your hips so you can avoid the bum hugging or too flowy hem. 21″
  • Then measure how wide the sweater is: 25″, the bicep portion: 8″, Wrist, waist, and hip (not pictured. I’m sure you understand what to do)

Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-5 Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-6 Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-7Using your highlighter, mark where you need to sew.  I took 22″ off of 25″ at the bust so I needed to take it in 1.5″ on both sides. Measure inward and mark. Do this for each of the 5 measurements. While marking I decided to take 2″ off in the armpit because it was HUGE and I knew it would stretch even if it wasn’t correct. (After I finished I tried it on and decided to take it in even more. I just did so at 1/2″ increments on all but the wrist and hip spots, those were perfect, until I reached the desired fit.)

Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-11 Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-10 Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-9

Once you have marked it up, pin your sweater together. Next, you can either use a serger or a sewing machine. If you use a sewing machine use a longer stitch length because sweaters are thicker materials and if you are going for a more fitted look use a zig-zag stitch as well. I used my serger on this.

Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-12 Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-13

Like I said before I had to adjust some of the spots to get them to fit the way I wanted and in the end this is it!

Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-16

Blue and Grey Striped Sweater-14

If any of you have followed this tutorial I would love to see your work. Send me an email.

If you have any tips as well leave a comment.

To see more refashion tutorials on Tayci Made It be sure to vote for them on this poll that closes January 9th.


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