Eight Months

This week Bug turns 8 months old. The super crazy thing about this is that he is now as old on the outside as he was on the inside. 16 months ago i found out I was going to be a mother. So far the last 8 months have been worth the uncomfortable times during the first 8 months. He is such an amazing little baby and brings so much joy to our family.
Eating carrots. We don’t eat them very much because this is what happens every time.
Here are 8 things about Bug at 8 months:
  1. He has 2 bottom teeth. 🙂 Now when he smiles you get these little white stubs poking through. I just love to see them!
  2. Bug stopped eating oatmeal a few weeks ago. No matter what I tried he wouldn’t eat it. I bought some whole grain cereal and thankfully he likes that!
  3. Over Thanksgiving, he ate “real” food. He has sweet potatoes, turkey, corn, and rolls. I tried to give him mashed potatoes but he hated them! What kid hates mashed potatoes?!?!
  4. He tries so hard to crawl or even army crawl but he just can’t quite get it. He’ll get really frustrated and roll over. One day he wanted to be closer to our TV so he just rolled and rolled all the way over to it. Once he got there he turned and stuck his little feet up on the table and watched Saved by the Bell with his feet up in the air. I was dying.
  5. Bug is a jumping/bouncing machine! We have a Baby Einstein bouncing gym thing and he will sit in there and bounce for over 30 minutes at a time. Now anytime you hold him on your lap he will bounce himself and if you stop “helping” he will wiggle his little legs harder to get you to start again.
  6. He loves music. No matter what I am singing he will smile, laugh, and bounce even more. It is just adorable!
  7. Bug talks to his toys. He used to just suck/chew on them but now he has little conversations with them. He will hold them out in front of him and babble, then get so excited and shoves them back in his mouth yo chew on them before they have a chance to respond. Haha.
  8. And last but not least, he will only cuddle with Andy. He just sits or lays with him all cuddled up and calm and I get so jealous. I guess it’s just his way of bonding because I have all day with him and he probably gets sick of me.
Hee hee! Getting caught!

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