Christmas Wish List Ideas

As you know, today is Cyber Monday. I am not  huge Black Friday shopper so today I am all over the Amazon website as well as Kohl’s (because who doesn’t love these places?) looking for the best deals for Christmas. I compiled a list of the items I want most, hopefully Andy is reading *wink wink*
These two TV shows are hilarious! The reason they are on the list is because Netflix doesn’t have the rights to them, so we get to buy them for Christmas instead.
I am a huge geek and I am honestly hoping for an external hard drive. I take a ton of pictures and have way too much music on my computer. I need a place to store it all. And this iPhone case is absolutely adorable!!!
Two perfectly kid friendly movies that will do double duty for me as a mom. My kids will love it just as much as I do, especially when I remember all the songs in Fern Gully. 🙂
I have one “coat.” it is bright yellow and I got it in high school. I need a new one. And these boot are pretty! I have grey “lazy” boots but not a dressy pair so this would be nice as well.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List Ideas

  1. Check out Last man standing on Netflix. There are only a couple of seasons, but it is so worth it!Also, last year between Christmas and New Years we were able to get all the seasons of Big Bang Theory (digital copy) for about $12 a season.

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