Weekend of 1st’s

This past weekend was the American Fork Steel Days celebrations. Ever since I can remember (and even when I can’t) the grandkids in my family would take their very first merry-go-round ride with grandma or grandpa. We would go to the parade that morning then head over to the carnival for some fun. This year I got to take Parker for his turn on the plastic horses at the carnival. My sister who had her baby just a few weeks before Parker was born brought her son too. There were no tears so I’m calling this outing a success.
Also this weekend I started feeding Parker solid foods. So far it’s just rice cereal. I’m going to try bananas and avocados next. I can’t wait to see his cute little face as he discovers these new tastes. He loves to sit there with his leg up on the bar and act like he’s too cool for solids. I just love him to bits!
One last update! He actually rolled himself over from his belly to his back this morning during tummy time. Unfortunately I missed it in action. I will keep trying to capture a video of it.

One thought on “Weekend of 1st’s

  1. I can't believe he is rolling over!! Mason didn't start to roll over from his tummy to his back until he was close to 6 months old. I swear Parker's going to start crawling before Mason does. Just kidding:) P.S. The picture of your nephew on the merry-go-round and the one of Parker right under it, you can totally tell they are related, they look a lot alike in these 2 photos.

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