Parker Andrew Mecham: A Birth Story

It began Monday, April 1st. I started having mild contractions and I thought they were just Braxton Hick’s. Then Tuesday came around and they were getting worse but not closer together. We went to labor and delivery that night around 10 pm. They watched me for an hour, since I was only at 35 weeks pregnant they stopped the contractions and sent me home. The contractions came back about an hour after we left. BUMMER! Wednesday wasn’t horrible but I was still having contractions. They were getting worse but still not close enough to really worry about. We went back to labor and delivery around 6 pm that night. Again they watched me for an hour and sent me home. Still the contractions came back about and hour after we got home. Then thursday morning rolled around. I tried my hardest to relax and just take my mind off the pain but at 11 am I was done trying. I called Andy home from work and we went to labor and delivery one  more last time. They watched me for an hour and in that time I went from being dilated at a 3 to a 5 and from 90% to 100% effaced. They decided to admit me and give me the epidural. I was so exhausted by this point that Andy had to help me stand up to go to the bathroom before we went into the delivery room. Andy could tell you how nervous I was about getting the epidural cause I went from being really out of it to asking the doctors and nurses a million questions. Once the meds started working (around 1:45 pm) I was so relaxed and pleasant it was almost like a whole different person. I took a nap for a few hours and at 7 pm I was fully dilated and they had me start pushing. I pushed for a total of an hour and a half with a 20 minute break in the middle so the doctor could deliver another baby. At 8:51 pm on April 4th, we had a beautiful little boy! 🙂 He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and measured 19 in long. Since he was early he was rushed to the nursery where they did did a lot of tests to make sure he was healthy. About an hour later I went in and watched with Andy his first little bath. We had a typical stay at the hospital for about 48 hours. Parker didn’t have to be in the NICU or anything like that. It made for a stressful yet beautiful April weekend.

Boy oh boy am I a lucky mom! He is so precious and the greatest blessing in our lives. I am really grateful that our Lord and Savior is trusting me with this beautiful child. I can already tell how much I’ve grown and how much I want to grow and become a better mother and woman in the Church. I love him so very much and can’t wait to raise him in the Gospel. We had a lot of family visitors and they all told us how alert and bright he looked form the very beginning. I am so grateful for all the support our family has given us in this precious time with a newborn. Below are some pictures of him as a few days have gone by. Thanks for reading! Follow his growth during the first year by clicking the tags “Bug or Monthly Baby Photos.”


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