DIY T-Shirt to Workout Shirt Tutorial

Workout Shirt Tutorial Pinterest
So I got this Idea from Pinterest. Of course. Haha. So here is my tutorial.

1. Get a t-shirt, any t-shirt, that you really don’t wear very often but you’d like to wear more often.

2. Cut around the collar on the inside of the seam. Try to stay as close to the stitch as possible.

3. Cut a deeper neck line. (about 1.5 inches in.) DO THIS! I made one without going that far and it is way too tight on my neck. Try to make the sides match too. I cut one side, flipped it over and cut the other side so they were pretty even.

4. Now cut the sleeves off. Just like you cut around the collar.

5. Cut about an inch inside the new edge to create the more tank top look.

6. Use the extra sleeve material and cut about a 2″ wide x about 8″ long strip. Pull the ends so the fabric curls.

7. Flip the shirt inside out and tie a double knot around the back.

8. Finished! I like it. It’s pretty comfy and will be great for working out.

Thanks for reading. 🙂 Good luck on your t-shirt makeover!


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