Family Pictures

Every fall  my side of the family takes pictures for the year. This year we went up Hobble Creek Canyon here in Springville. It was super fun because the little kiddies were adorable up there!! Well here they are…
This is the whole group! One more of these then I’ll show you the little family sub-group pictures and then my favorite of the kids.
The Barlow family. Christopher, Rene’, Ethan, & Maggie
The Anderson family. Ricky, Marissa, Kambri, & Lucy
The Mecham family. Andy & Tayci
I know it’s far away but it’s all us girls in one picture. I love my sisters!!
Here’s the little kid pictures I love!
Ethan and Kam playing with a caterpillar they found!
Chris and Ethan on the bridge. SO adorable!
Kam looking at the caterpillar.
The two little ones, Lucy and Maggie. Haha I love that Lucy looks like she’s attacking Maggie.
Here’s the Maggester! That’s what I call her. I hope when she gets older she doesn’t hate me for it!
And Lucy. Her smiles were few and far between but this one is priceless!
That’s it. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed looking at my family!

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