Don’t you just miss being a kid sometimes?

My husband and I were rainy up our millions of leaves a few weekends ago (when it was still warm outside) and I had the bright idea to jump in the huge huge pile we had before we bagged them. 🙂 It was so fun!! It took me back to those years when I used to jump in the leaves with my sisters and cousins at our grandpa Greene’s house. Ah, to be a kid again! Some days it seems like such a better idea. Don’t get me wrong I love where I am in life but the simple joys of jumping in the leaves were some of the best moments I’ve ever had. Here are the pictures. They aren’t very good because we aren’t photographers so we captured the moment as best we could. ENJOY!

The pile…

Me and the pile…

Me taking off and looking like a weirdo…

Andy jumping…

Andy in the pile smiling like a child at me… It was so much fun! I’d really recommend doing stuff like this again. It brought huge smiles to our faces!

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