AHH!! MacBook Pro’s here we come!!

So I totally bought Andy and I MacBook Pro’s for Christmas yesterday but I totally couldn’t wait to use them so I surprised him with “his” present tonight when he got home from work. The best part, for him i think, was that after I brought his out (and then ran away so I couldn’t see if he was disappointed or angry that I spent the money on this) I took him into our hallway where I had them hidden and opened the cabinet door to reveal… A MacBook Pro for me too. BAHAHAHAHA!! I couldn’t risk being jealous and our marriage on only having one. 🙂 He thought I was just adorable and said “thank you for the wonderful surprise honey! This will be great for school now that we both have a lot of online stuff to do.” Hee hee! I love him! And… our new toys.

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